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Do you wish to study in the United States of America? Are you clueless about how to make this dream come true? Well, you have reached just the right place to give you a kickstart. In this blog, you will read about three simple steps to help you start working towards your dream of studying in States. Read till the end to get a bonus tip.


The first step you need to take is to start searching for American universities offering your program of interest. In this regard, Google is your best friend. Simply go to Google and type, “Top 10 American Universities Offering MS in Biomedical Engineering” or “BS in Data Science in USA” or any other similar phase. From there, you’ll get to know about dozens of universities that can help you achieve your goals.


After you have names of all the universities that offer your program of choice, you should visit the official websites of all of those universities to gather as much information as you can. You can find it by going to Academics, ‘Schools and Colleges’ and thereby choosing your school of choice or by choosing Academic Programs in the academics section and looking which programs are offered by the institute. You need to know about the eligibility criteria like TOEFL/IELETS score, GRE, cGPA etc. You should also look into your course outline and description along with the fee structure and the scope of the field you’re applying to.

If, for some reason, you are not able to find your desired information then, you may contact the university via email, phone or social media websites. You can find their contact by scrolling to the bottom of the page.


When you’re satisfied with the information you have received and meet the eligibility criteria, you may apply online. Yu then have to fill the online application form, submit statement of purpose SOP and recommendation letters and hope for the best.

Morgan State University Official Website


You may not reciprocate with this one but if you’re from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Middle East where people are still usually living in joint family systems, you might want to follow this one. Be sure to carry out “place specific” university hunt. This means, either search for universities/schools in the same city/state as your friends/relatives who’re already settled in US and whom you wish to see often or search for universities/colleges in areas that are predominantly Brown/ Desi or Arab. This is because I can’t lay enough stress on how gloomy and lonely it will be for you if you’re coming from a very social background. This is the only way to cope up with homesickness and will actually help you adjust easily and concentrate on your studies. You will feel more welcomed and “at home” this way.

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1- University Hunting

2- Studying University Websites

3- How And When To Apply

4- Bonus Tip

Following these steps will give you a sense of direction and will let you know what you’re truly searching for.

So, when are you planning to apply?

I’m a student and want others to learn from my experiences as a student.